So how do you buy articles online?

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There are enormous advantages in buying articles online – it is cheap, quick and there are articles of superb quality. This then allows you to concentrate on your core business.

So how do you buy articles on line?

Firstly, you need to set out clearly what you want define the subject; state where the article is to be used; determine the length of article, key words and phrases that need to be included for search engine optimization; state rate of pay and when you require the article. 

Secondly, you need to decide where to buy the article you require. There are a number of reputable websites that are worth looking at. A quick search for “buy articles” will lead you to the most popular sites. When choosing which of these sites to go with you should first do some quick research. The cheapest (possibly less than $1 per hundred words) is not always the best but is more than suitable if you are looking for basic content. However if you want to buy articles that have professional and academic slant then you will pay in excess of $7 per hundred words. Most of these sites have a great pay process that allows you to preview the article before you buy it – thus you only pay for what you are satisfied with.

Another option is to perform an internet search for the skills that you require to complete the article you wish to buy. This can be a time consuming process but you could find the right person at the right price.  You can then develop a working relationship with the writer which can lead to accurate content and great service delivery. You could also buy articles by looking locally for the writer. Try your local university or library. This way you cut out the middle man and can build a good one-on-one relationship. But there are downsides to having an employer employee relationship.

To buy articles on line can be really quite easy, cheap and time saving. But there are some pitfalls that you need to be aware of. Remember that plagiarism abounds and even though you did not write the article – if you are the user you will be seen as the plagiarizer!  Fortunately there are various websites that can check out the originality of the article – copyscape is the most widely used site.  Also if your instructions are not correctly interpreted, you could well end up with the article being unsuitable and requiring a rewrite and this could result in you missing a deadline. 

So if you are going to buy articles on line – choose your service provider carefully and nurture a healthy long term relationship with the writer as this will best insure that you get the content and quality that you need. Try it out you will never write your own articles again.




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